Intensive Care

Servei Assistencial


The Intensiv Care ,also known as ICU (intensive care unit), is a hospital unit where are the  human and technological resources and knowledge needed to care , coordinated and continous, critical patients, in a vital stage characterized by a serious actual or  potencial life threatening . Usually, patients admitted  in ICU are in serious or critical situation, or  postoperative complex surgeries. The ICU of   Trueta, with  16 beds, is the unit of intensive care referral of the Health  Region  Girona. Is located on the first floor of the Hospital. The space occupied by each bed is called  box, is individualand is equiped with specific equipment and technological services . All patients in the unit are  connected to devices needed to ensure strict control of their disease during their stay in the service .

Visiting time and clinical information

Morning : from  7:15 to  7:45 AM
Noon : from 1 to  2 PM
Evening : from  8 to 9 PM

This unit allows the visit while of two relatives per patient . Before entering they should dress a green dressing gown with number of patient's box.
During the relatives visit at noon (1 to 2 pm) it will give information on patient's clinical situation. Evening, night and weekends doctors on duty take care of the patients and the information may be shorter .

Safety programme / Pneumonía Zero.
The  Intensive Care Service of  Hospital Trueta is attached to the National Program of  pneumonía Zero (NZ)with Security  Programa included . There is a working group that  implements the  program and discusses security issues on a regular basis.