Dialysis is a set of techniques that allow to eliminate toxic strange substances present in the blood or strange toxic own, retained in excess result of the failure of kidney function,either suddenly or over time produced . Is therefore, a set of techniques that allow to survive almost indefinitely. The specialty that treats patients with dialysis is nephrology. At Hospital Trueta, the service is located on the 7th floor. Hemodialysis unit has 8 dialysis machines per shift for chronic patients,2 for acute patients and 3 for septic. For more information about the service please see in  Nefrologia.

Most sudden failed kidney function can be recovered in a few weeks and allow the patient to stop dialysis. The chronic failure requiring dialysis an average of three times a week,either indefinitely or until it is perform a kidney trasplant.

Chronic dialysis patient can enjoy an excellent quality of life. The patient can lead a normal working life and women-even if only exceptionally- can recover even the ability to get pregnant ,specially since it has defeated renal anemia due to Apoetia.

However,patients such this should be careful with dietetic advises. Patients with chronic dialysis should take little liquids,no salt ,low fruits,and little milk and derivatives.This surveillance allows smooth functioning of the heart and keep arteries and bones.

We m,anaged succesfully treated patients with renal insufficiency,both throuh dialysis or through kidney trasplant, buit prevention efforts must be made to reduce the frequency of these treatments. In this regard, it is necessary to control the blood pressure,sugar and prevent urine infection. We must also remember that when is a kidney injury schold be visit the nephrologist as soon as possible