Day hospitals

Are located at the first floor sector A. Day hospital covers an area of   810 square meters which includes the services of  day hospital unit of Diabetis, Endocrinology and  Nutrition, day hospital medical -surgical, Unit of pain and programs for chronic heart failure and respiratory failure. In this area are 11 consultations of  support. Note the Pain unit, where are treated patients with chronic pain.

It is a unit which administered treatments that not require admission, and also treat patients for diagnostic tests trhough radiology.

At day hospitals treatments are given to patients who come from outpatient specialty: neurology, gastrointestinal,urology,internal medicine and pulmonology, allergy,dermatology,neprology and rheumatology.

In the area of endocrinology are made checks and treatmentsthat not require the admission of those patients who have a disease of the endocrine system. Every day there are endocrine treatments, obesity,diabetes,hormonal problems...and also emergencies of this specialities, such as those that iniciate the disease decompensation in patients with diabetes, etc