Cabinets diagnostic tests

There are different services that have associated cabinets where there do  diagnostic tests to support the specialty. These tests are performed on an outpatient basis, although it may also be done during hospitalization. Is the specialist who asks for any of these tests.

If this is the case, you must bring your Individual healthcare card . When you arrive, you check it  by the arrival control, ie, the card reader that is on the screen of admission. Please follow the preparation  indicated by your doctor, who also you can see at the citation you received at  home.

Allergy Service (adults)

• Prik-test (performed Guell first floor CE).

• Complex tests or sensitivities (performed at day hospital of  the Hospital Trueta  on 1st floor)

Digestive service

Performed at the Hospital Josep Trueta 5 floor C.

• Endoscopic tests: gastroscopy and colonoscopy.
• digestive function tests


Performed at the Hospital Josep Trueta, ground 6C.

• Haemodynamics
• Functional tests: Stress tests, echocardiograms, etc ..
• Pediatric Cardiology
• Pacemakers


Performed at the Hospital Josep Trueta floor  5C and 4C.
• Bronchoscopy (ground 5C)
• respiratory function tests:

Spirometry complex (ground 4C)
spirometry simple (Outpatient Building Ground 1st)


Department of Urology

Performed at the Hospital Josep Trueta.

• Functional tests: Urodynamics (Day Hospital 1st floor)
• cystoscopy and fluxometries (Outpatient Building Ground Floor)


Clinical Neurophysiology Service

Performed at the Hospital Josep Trueta, on the ground floor.

• electroencephalogram.
• Electromyography.
• Evoked potentials.



At  EC Guell:

• Diagnostic tests: biometrics, ecography, OCT, campimetry, retinography, refractions, etc.

• Treatments: YAG laser, Argon laser.

At Trueta Hospital (1st floor, Day Hospital):

• Angiography


Otolaryngology Service

At  EC Güell.

• Hearing test, impedancemetry, acoustic evoked potentials.


Obstetrics and Gynecology

Are performed in outpatient building of Hospital Trueta.

• Ultrasound obstetric and gynecological